The 58-th Russian Antarctic Expedition is started. The 58-th Russian Antarctic Expedition is started.
On October 31, 2012 the aircraft IL-76 TD operated by test pilots of State Research Institute of Civil Aviation (GOSNIIGA) departed from St.Petersburg airport “Pulkovo-2” for Cape Town (RSA).
Transpolar Residency Transpolar Residency
You can hardly find a more curious creature in the world than the Antarctic Adelie penguins. No surprise that they come once in a while to the Schirmacher Oasis from the site of their “permanent residence” at the coast of Queen Maud Land covering the distance of about 100 km to have a look at the Antarctic…


INTAARI provides logistic support of any expeditions to any remote areas difficult to access by geographical, climatic or political reasons.  INTAARI has accumulated vast experience in operations on delivery and evacuation of people and equipment in the Arctic and Antarctic areas. INTAARI provides the “turn-key” logistics support. Each member of INTAARI team has unique work experience in the Arctic and Antarctic areas, seas of the world Ocean, North Pole drifting stations, Antarctic ice sheet, mountains and volcanoes.